I remember, back in the day before everyone yammered on endlessly about blogs, coming across one written by some guy (I believe he was from Iowa).  This guy’s blog focused entirely on the topic of…pudding.  Now, I enjoy pudding as much as the next gal, but really?  Just about pudding?  And the kicker was that it wasn’t about how to make pudding, which could be considered slightly useful.  No, it was an inventory on pudding he had eaten, and his enjoyment level of these puddings.

Why bring up this Pudding Putz?  As an example on why I have avoided starting a blog.  Don’t get me wrong, I love to write, and I am fairly certain that I am soooo clever; but who would read it?

 While I am at sea as to who would enjoy musing on puddings some guy has eaten, I’m confident that those of us who are older than the other students; if they are anything like me, feel a little isolated.  Maybe we feel a little strange trying to make friends with our classmates, maybe our friends are having a little difficulty remembering what it was like to study for a mid-term.  Maybe our friends are feeling a little resentful at being left behind (I have been fortunate not to have this happen, but I’m sure it’s common enough).  At any rate, I might be the only one interested in my blabbings, but if the rest of you have something to say, this might be the place for you to say it.  I welcome the input.