The alluring breeze of spring that blew through my corner of the Midwest has been pushed aside by an impending snowstorm.  They are saying 10-14 inches of snow over the weekend.  The old, gray, dingy crap hasn’t even finished melting.  Time to bring out the boots again.

In a proactive step, I figured I go grocery shopping today, before everything hit.  I was not the only one with such a plan.  But it is done, and I’m glad of it.  However, I keep forgetting that I signed up for a free practice GRE exam this Saturday.  During semester break, I was very diligent in practicing – especially the math, at which I am extremely rusty (despite propaganda to the contrary, I have never used algebra in “the real world”).  But once the semester started, the preparation has taken a backseat to the task at hand.  Additionally, the now ex-boyfriend was helping me refresh my math skills.  Now that we are not together (and not talking, although that was my idea to preserve my sanity and dignity), I just don’t feel like working on it.  I haven’t cracked the math notebook.  It seems a little silly to get all maudlin about high school level geometry, but that’s where I stand.

Speaking of the ex (who I have nothing but good things to say, except he has ruined me by curing me of my cynicism – now I’m alone in the big, cold world without my hard outer shell to protect me), I’m feeling a little glum right now.  About this time on a Friday night, we’d be getting dinner ready, and talking about how our respective days went.  Nothing fancy, I just miss that.  I miss the nightly phone calls when we couldn’t see each other.  I miss the goofy little e-mails.  And I hate that I got an A on an exam last week, and I couldn’t share it with him.  He’s always been my biggest cheerleader about going back to school, and I miss his support.  I realize that he still wishes me well (just like I do him), but it isn’t the same.

I’ve gotten all teary-eyed.  Damn, I hope I don’t do that during the practice test tomorrow.