I know that today is not a real holiday, and people make some intelligent criticisms about the silliness or ridiculousness or whateverness about the Oscars, but I can’t help but love it.  Every year, I watch the pre-pre-show and the pre-show and the show with my mom; we have snacks and get fancy beverages and generally make a little party of the whole thing.  I always look forward to it, even if I’m not crazy about the nominees or the films.

Why? You may ask.  I’m not sure, except I’ve never wanted to be a princess, but I have wanted to me a movie star.  Even now, though I have given up on acting (except for a fun hobby), I still think it might be fun to get all dolled up for a big event.  And who knows, I still write a lot, and I have written screenplays.  Some day, I might win an Oscar yet.