Today is Friday, and it is snowing.  It is also blowing, causing the snowflakes to stab you in the face.  Plus, I am coming down with a cold.  All in all, not a top notch day.  I was going to meet some people and go out for a drink or two.  Now, I’m just going to hang out at home and force fluids.

Today wasn’t all bad.  I got my tax refund, and while I plan to save the bulk of it for my summer in France (yay), having that money as a cushion is a good thing.  I also talked to my Syntax classmate, who gave me some good advice, as well as some new insights.  A profitable day.

On another topic, being sick is going to throw off my discourse journal.  Staying at home, sick, is going to severly limit my conversations.  I can see it now…

Saturday, 11:00 am – conversation with my cat.  He initiates the conversation (opener, “meow”).  Topic is food.

Saturday, 11:15 am – conversation with my cat.  I initiate the conversation (opener, “Hey!).  Topic is “why we don’t scratch mommy’s couch.”

Saturday, 1:00 pm – conversation with my TV.  I initiate the conversation (no opener).  Topic is that there is nothing on TV.

Conclusion?  I am a sad sad hermit.  And I might be a crazy cat lady.