I am still under the weather.  Yesterday’s full day left me beat, so I decided to go to my one class today, but not to work.  My head has been feeling like it is at least twice its actual size.  I ran out of cold medicine, and can’t function without it (yet).  So I went to the corner drugstore (literally), and purchased one of those combo day/night packs.  I didn’t have to bring a slip to the pharmacist, so I gather the decongestant is not the type you can make crystal meth with.  One can only assume that will keep those bizarro dreams out of my head (as in Sweet Cold Medicine Hangover below).  Speaking of bizarro dreams of late, I did, against my better judgement, e-mail Dead Dream Friend.  Partly because I dreamt he died, and while I don’t actually believe that it was an omen, better safe than sorry.  I haven’t heard from him yet (I omitted the part where I had a vision of his death); at the bus stop this afternoon, it did occur to me why I dreamt about him in the first place.  Unlike my 10-cent psychoanalysis, it actually is quite simple – DDF used to live in a West Coast city that contains one of my graduate school choices.  I remember thinking, before the I had the dream, that I should get his thoughts on what living there was like.  All that weirdness was just a “note to self.” 

Speaking of other things I have done, against my better judgement….I mailed a birthday card to the Ex.  I kept trying not to, but it just felt wrong to not acknowledge his birthday.  So I did.  I don’t think it will send a “please want to marry me” vibe, no matter how much I want him to want to marry me (whew, that was torturous).  Just a card to say, “hey, happy birthday.”

Lastly, I am fighting with my Syntax homework.  Syntax has been the bane of my existence; and the homework is no exception.  Part of this is that the exercises in the textbook seem to give you sentences that a) have idiosyncrasies that are difficult to tree and b) not seem to give you any concrete idea how these idiosyncrasies are handled.  The whole design is to have you “guess.”  Which I suppose is one way to learn, but it would be nicer if at least he covered some of that in the lecture, too.  Fat chance.  But the bulk of my ire for syntax homework, especially tree drawing, is that he wants the trees done in a word processing program.  There is no easy way to do this.  If I’m going to spend hours doing the homework, it might as well be spent figuring out knotty problems, not trying to line up the branches.  And don’t even get me started on Word’s “line draw” tool.  Line draw, my ass.

But, I suppose I’ve frittered enough time away (in so, so many ways).  Time to be the Johnny Appleseed of syntactic trees.