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I haven’t felt so good that it is Friday for quite some time.  I’m 80% over my cold, the weather is nice, and I actually have social plans.  My most excellent friend, KS(-P), as generously given me a comp ticket to see the opening night of her play.  Plus, after the show, KS(-P), Puppy Mama, Bad Influence and I will be hoisting one (or two) and having a good ol’ bonding time.  We’ve all been busy doing our things (although Puppy Mama and Bad Influence have doing the same thing), and it seems to be harder and harder to find the time.  We used to spend a lot of time together, but you know, things change.  I went back to school, KS(-P) has been going through some stuff, and the former Geek Girl became Puppy Mama and had to be responsible.  So hooray for spending time with good friends!

But Senior Senior, you might well ask, why is this A Very Nerdy Friday?  Going to see a play and having drinks afterward doesn’t seem nerdy at all.  To which I say, I know, but the other cause of my good mood is nerdy to the nth degree.  The one or two people who actually read my mutterings know that I have a tortured relationship with the discipline of syntax.  In fact, my last couple of posts have dealt with syntax (possibly excessively, but I don’t know).  Über-nerd and I were talking syntax (because we’re both linguistics geeks), and we were bitching about the tedious process of formatting syntax trees on the computer (and I bitched about that two posts ago).  ÜG (not to be confused with UG), thought that considering the number of linguists who also concern themselves with computer science, someone had to have written a program to format syntactical trees.  This is where it gets nerdy.  I googled (is “google” in verb form capitalized?  I wonder….) “syntax trees” and found myself some freeware.  The programmer is still working on it, so it doesn’t have all the features it’s going to have, but after testing it out, it sure beats futzing with Word.  O glorious day!  And that’s why today is A Very Nerdy Friday.