Well, Friday night was a mixed bag, overall.  I saw KS(-P)’s play, which was a hoot; and KS(-P) and I went to our version of Cheers and had a drink and talked.  Puppy Mama couldn’t join us, as The Little Nipper (after chewing PM’s flashy new phone) needed to be watched more closely.  We don’t know where Bad Influence was, but she didn’t join us either.  KS(-P) and I had a good talk (we usually do), but I miss the outings with the girls.

The fact is, things have changed.  We don’t get to spend as much time together as we used to, and all of us seem to be going through transitions in our lives.  Which is to be expected, I know, but there is something slightly poignant about it.

In addition, for some reason, I missed the Ex more than I have recently.  It started when I was waiting for the play to start, and I was sitting by myself.  I’ve always done things on my own (movies, dinner, etc), so it isn’t this whole “I can’t be by myself” fear.  Everyone was talking to their friends or significant others, and it reminded me of the conversations we used to have.  We used to have some great conversations, about nothing or about everything.  And that’s not the sort of thing that is easy to find, so to my mind, it is pretty damn valuable.

Even the good parts of Friday night had a touch of sadness about them.  While I was talking to friends not seen in months (or in one case, years), I realized how much people change when you don’t see them.  You miss parts of their lives, and the best you can hope for is catch-up.  That puts the onus on me to catch up myself, too.  I can’t just stagnate while others grow and change.  And I’m not sure where to begin.