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Today is a gorgeous proto-spring day here in Senior Senior Land.  I thought I should treat myself by going out and doing something.  The other day, I noticed that a theater downtown was showing The Rules of the Game, and being a francophile, I thought I should go.  I was going to go yesterday, but I ended up not finding the time.  So I made sure I would go today, since we are all guilty of saying we’ll do something and then letting it pass.  It was just an elderly couple and me in the theater, but they showed it anyway.  It felt good to just go somewhere by myself, which seems weird, considering how melancholy I got going to see KS(-P)’s play by myself.  I guess the difference is, that in my mind, going to the theatre (note the “re” ending to signify the difference.  Aren’t I clever?) is a social activity; going to a movies can be a perfectly solitary act.  In this case, it almost was a perfectly solitary act, since there were only three of us in the theater.

On the way to the theater, on the bus, I heard two women talking.  I suppose they were around my age, but it is hard to tell, especially since from the context of their conversation they seemed to be hard-livers (with hard livers, one imagines).  One of them was talking about this boyfriend of hers, who is in a hell of a mess.  She keeps getting interviewed by the cops about his “transgressions.”  And you wonder, “really, how stupid can you be?”  All this drama, and I hadn’t even gotten to the movie yet.  Well, you can click on the link to get a synopsis of the movie, but suffice it to say that there are a great deal of romantic entanglements.  Then, on the way home (again, on the bus, but without the local color), I started thinking, improbably enough, about The Pet Shop Boys.  Let me preface this by saying that I didn’t have my iPod with me, so that wasn’t why this connection came to my mind.  What connection?  I was thinking about the song, “So Hard,” about (you guessed it) a dysfunctional relationship.  I’m thinking about the song, and the movie and the woman with the criminal for a boyfriend and I’m getting a little resentful by the minute.  My relationship wasn’t a heap of crap.  Nobody was unfaithful.  Nobody was engaging in passive-aggressive mind games.  Nobody was breaking the law.  And yet my relationship had to end.  It seemed a little unfair.  Of course, then I start reminding myself that life is unfair, and that, in a global sense, I have it pretty good.  Then I feel guilty about being such a damn whiner. 

Even though I ended up thinking about the Ex, I was glad I went to the movie.  I felt good about going out and about.  I enjoyed the movie.  And I would have thought about the Ex at home anyway, so I might as well get something out of it.


Yesterday, I bought a new set of sheets.  I was due, and there is something about a new set of sheets.  They are lilac-colored, which really perks up my blanket; and overall, the effect is quite serene.  I’m trying to alter my scenery to lift my mood.  I’d also like to get a new set of sheers for my bedroom window, which I’ve been talking about doing for over a year.  Maybe I’ll finally get around to hanging up some artwork.  I don’t know why it has been taking me so long to spruce up the place; I’m just lazy, I guess.  Well, I am going to get my literal house in order, in hopes that it will rub off on my metaphoric one.  I bet Martha Stewart feels better when she gets a new set of sheets.