I’m feeling a little blue, and I am having difficulty firing up enough energy for studying.  I may get out and take a walk – maybe that will clear the ol’ brain fog.  However, it has occurred to me that an update of my possible grad school choices is in order.  As predicted, I have added some and dropped others.  And, just for kicks, I think I’ll sort them by my interest level.

  1. West Coast Public University #1 – this was #4 on my old list, but has always been #1 when it comes to desperate longing.  Nothing has changed – sure it is expensive, and super competitive, but nothing ventured, nothing gained.
  2. Big Ten School – this was #2, and it is, overall #2.  There are two classes of friends/family regarding this choice:  those who think “yay, she’ll be relatively close,” and those who think, “risk more, move farther (and let us crash at your place when we come to visit).”  I don’t feel particularly attached to the Midwest per se, but I like the program.
  3. West Coast Public University #2 – the former #5.  Now that I’ve found out why Syntax Classmate didn’t stay there, I have lost any hesitation about this choice.  WCPU2’s city has made many of my friends giddy with delight.  Still, I’m choosing on program first, then location.
  4. (tie) – Fancy West Coast Private University and (less fancy) Ivy League School – FWCPU is the same one in the old list (#3), while (lf)ILS is different from Glamorous Ivy League School.  My thoughts on FWCPU haven’t changed, and (lf)ILS has some rock star faculty (but I suspect I’m not an East Coast Gal).  The jury is still out on both.
  5. Public University in Texas – the program is good, but I don’t know about Texas…I’d be more open to it if I didn’t have so many other options.
  6. (tie) – Current University and Other Fancy West Coast Private University – not to knock my current school, but I really would be applying to the program for escape hatch purposes.  As for OFWCPU, I’m not impressed enough with the program to overlook the location – the world’s largest strip mall (isn’t that a giveaway?).

So there you have it.  Updated information.  Of sorts.  I haven’t gotten any farther along, I’ve just switched out some data. 

Well, even though Voltaire and Maupassant are long dead, their literary works are getting impatient.  Plus, I always have Syntax.