(Don’t you dig my shoutout to the 80s?  Ah, the 80s….) 

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As I was mulling over possible topics, I thought, “Well, the week is half over.”  And that is true (although I still have two tests left this week – Modern French Lit tomorrow and Romance Philology on Friday).  But what does the weekend bring for me?  Not much, these days.  I pretend that I’ll do some studying, and maybe I will, halfheartedly.  Last weekend, I rented some movies.  Maybe this weekend, I’ll see a movie.  What I’m getting at is that I am not breathlessly anticipating the weekend anymore.

I’ve tried to keep my plaintive sighs about my ended relationship to a minimum, since I can imagine how tedious it might get for everyone other than me (and even to me – I wish I could just get over it already).  The fact is, that there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think about the Ex and get sad.  It is just such a long, drawn-out, one might say endless, process.  And it gets worse on the weekends.  Because we used to spend that time together; nothing fancy or elaborate, or strictly speaking, date-like, but just together.  I have no problems being alone (and a good thing too, since that is how we live our lives for the most part).  I don’t miss having a boyfriend, because for most of my adult life, I’ve been without one.  No, much to my dismay, I miss him.  And apparently, there’s to way to get over that with any increased speed.  Damnation.

So maybe I’ll go see Zodiacthis weekend.  Nothing like a movie about a notoriously uncaptured serial killer to lighten one’s mood.

*Image courtesy of www.stylewalker.net – which seems to be some kind of a Euroblog, and not an image of a washed up 80s rock band from Canada, which was my other image choice.

Ah, what the hell….