After having a slight case of writer’s block, I am back with a slightly amusing tale.

Today was Test #3 of 3 – it turned out to be a little easier than I anticipated (at least, I think so).  I ran a couple of errands, rented a movie, and caught the bus to go home.

While the bus was waiting at a stop, the doors opened, and a local newscaster popped on the bus with his cameraman (male camera operator – I would have used a gender neutral term had it applied).  The newscaster said, “Mind if we shoot a little bit here?  We won’t keep you long.”  The bus driver agreed, and the newscaster sat in a seat, you know, just like a regular guy.  But I kid.  He recorded a couple of takes of his lead-in; and they left.   After they left, the cameraman shot some footage of the bus from the outside; when the light turned green, the bus driver drove off, and we were on our way.  After the reporter and the cameraman got off the bus, everyone on the bus giggled (or chuckled) a bit.  I guess when you ride the bus on a daily basis, the idea of filming on a bus seems funny.

As for the title of this post, it seems weird that I would choose “Film at 11,” since that only applies to the East Coast, and I am a life-long Midwesterner.  I guess that shows the pervasive influence pop culture has on a person.  Film at 10 just sounds wrong, even if it is accurate.