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On my crutches, I hobbled to class today; otherwise, I iced, elevated, medicated and napped.

Since today was just as beautiful as yesterday (without all that falling and injuring), I thought I might share the tale I was going to tell yesterday (before events became “event-y”).

Early in the last decade, when I was a young, naive Communications/Poli Sci double major living in the dorms, I was walking home from either the library or the TV or radio production labs (not that it matters much).  It was a night much like tonight, unseasonably warm – a May or June evening transplanted to March.  It was late (I was a lot less cautious then), and I was alone with my thoughts, as usual.  Every window in every dorm was open, or so it seemed.  I heard the usual sounds, TVs, stereos, conversations.  Then some kid howled out of his window.  I remember laughing – the winters can coop you up, so when spring really hits, it seems like freedom.  Then another kid howled out the window.  Since nearly every window was open, and the campus was compact, the howls traveled well.  Soon more howls were heard.  It became viral – all around campus students were howling out their windows.

This is what I thought of yesterday.  I suppose it doesn’t make any sense if you’ve never lived in a cold climate.  The change from winter to spring does things to people.