Day 3 of crutches.  It feels like day 30.  I thought about going without them, as they are a colossal pain in the ass (and armpits and shoulders).  Getting ready to go to work this morning, it hurt to go crutch-free.  Of course, by the end of the day, my back and shoulders are killing me – Oh, how I long for spring break!  I will lounge around, ankle propped up – reading Crystal and Rousseau.

The glorious weather is gone, probably to the East Coast.  In it’s stead is chilly rainy weather.  Standing in the rain, on my crutches, I was reminded of Daffy Duck.  I can’t remember if it was only one cartoon or a series of several, but Daffy is tormented by a rain cloud that rains on him (and occasionally strikes him with lightning) and only him.  I’m not saying I felt like that today, but that I thought of it makes me wonder about my own state of mind.  It isn’t hard to feel blah when the weather is bad, and your ankle and arm both hurt, and you find yourself hobbling uphill on crutches.  I just have to repeat to myself, “Spring Break, Summer in France, Grad School, Spring Break, Summer in France, Grad School…”  Things to look forward to.

Speaking of Grad School, I’m falling more in love with my number 1 choice lately.  I hope I don’t get too attached – I have the qualifications to get accepted, but they do have to turn down many qualified applicants.  I just have to do the best I can, and give myself enough options that I can live with.

Time to read some Colette and type up some homework that is due tomorrow.  Ah, spring break, I need you so.