Despite running some errands and making headway on one of the 3 books (not to mention parts of others) that I need to have finished by the end of Spring Break, I’m feeling like I’m pretty much over Spring Break.  This seems ridiculous to me, as I’ve really had only one official day of vacation (since I don’t work on weekends).  I suppose you could say that it goes to show how much I like school, but with the end of the semester creeping up, I am getting weary.  I’m already thinking about France and fall semester and grad school (lost in there is spring semester, but I’m sure I’m thinking about that, too).  Maybe I have spring fever.  Or ants in my Ace bandage, I don’t know.

Maybe I’m feeling a little like Tony in West Side Story, you know, “something’s coming, don’t know when, but it’s soon, catch the moon, one handed catch.”*  Although, that didn’t turn out so hot for him, now did it?  Shot by Chino, that’s where it got him.  I’m not really that negative these days (no really, I’m not) – I was merely being snarky.


Maybe I need a real vacation.  Fortunately, I am taking one (two if you count Paris and Venice separately and Grenoble not at all, as I will be taking classes, making that, strictly speaking, not a vacation).  Unfortunately, I need to wait another 9 weeks for that.

*My apologies to Stephen Sondheim for a) most likely misquoting his lyrics and b) using them to bitch about my life, royalty-free.