Not much today, some more errands, some more reading…It has been gloomy all day; when there have been thunderstorms, the cat has been unhappy (skulking about, desperately looking for a place to hide).

Today’s bus weirdness – actually, there has been quite a bit of bus weirdness – I usually ride the bus during peak hours, and you have a completely different cross-section of the city compared to “off-peak” hours.  So yes, there is some strangeness on the bus.  What I found weirder though, was that the bus driver didn’t turn on the wipers, even though it was raining (well, sprinkling).  From my vantage point, it seemed as though it was affecting the visibility.  Enough water started to collect on the windshield that it started running down it.  Still, he didn’t turn on the wipers.  Luckily, I got off the bus before visibility out the window turned to nothing.  Weirdness.

And for my entertainment today?, which is a hilarious podcast done by some former theatre cronies who have moved on to larger pastures (NY and LA, to be specific).  It always cracks me up, and I look forward to the new episodes.  Actually, it makes me look forward to busting out and living in a new city.