Today, it snowed.

Well technically, I saw a handful of flurries, which is not particularly unusual.  However, ten days ago, it was in the 70s.  Ah, weather, you saucy minx, you.  And I think I’ll blame my lethargy on the unwelcoming weather.  While my ankle is still puffy and discolored, I can put more weight on it and I am more mobile than I’ve been in over a week.  Still, I haven’t felt the need to get up and do a little jig of any kind.

I should be studying a little more, but quite frankly, I’m just too lazy.  What I have done is start a new blog – this time a photo blog.  During my time-wasting travels, I came across a blog group called Daily City Photo Blog, which I am completely hooked on.  I noticed that my fair city was not represented, and being a nut job with a camera, I set one up.  Check it out, if you’re interested.

And shout out to Marshall Crenshaw – my post title is an homage (French for outright thievery) to a song of his.


Considering I usually add pictures to my posts here, I just realized the irony of setting up a photo blog – the kicker is that none of the pictures on this blog were taken by me.