I’ve finally gotten the wherewithal to write a new post.  It has been a few days, but the spirit hasn’t moved me – at least, not enough to sit down and do it.

It has been a less-than-profitable break.  I haven’t done all the reading I planned, I didn’t get a jump on future homework; most disturbingly, I am down to mismatched socks, as the laundry I planned on doing remains undone.  In my defense, my ankle still dislikes the stairs, and the two-flight trip to the laundry room would be painful.  Everything else is a bit of a wash (no pun intended).  I could have been more ambitious, and I was not.  I could claim that I needed the rest, that I have been pushing myself and I need to conserve my energy for the long haul.  That might be 25-30% true.  I think that the bum ankle and the decrease in mobility has created a paucity (I dig that word – very verbal section of the GRE) of energy.  I went out and about for a bit on Friday and Saturday and I did get some quality studying in, but my ankle became painful – and the winter-like weather did not help at all.  It is clear that I’m going to need some PT to get back to my old self.

Two things that I did do that were successful (aside from the studying I did get done) – I bought a used medium-format camera off of eBay (yay).  It isn’t a professional model, as even the obsolete ones go for hundreds of dollars (which I do not have).  I bought some film, and I am itching to try it out (but the weather is not cooperating – overcast does not photograph too well).  And last night, I took another practice GRE (my test date is 20 days away) and I got a 710 verbal, 620 quantitative.  Not too shabby, but I need to keep working on my accuracy – some of the mistakes I made were just careless.  But practice, as they say, makes perfect (or at least improves one’s scores).

Back to the grindstone – ironically, I suspect I will be much more efficient once I’m back to my usual schedule.  I don’t do so well with leisure time – it gives me too many opportunities to doubt myself (or simply to not care).

my-new-camera.jpg (my “new” camera)