I have not, by any stretch of the imagination, been lazy this week.  While I haven’t gotten a chance to do everything I had penciled in for this past week, I have been going strong.  So it follows that something had to drop off – and keeping up with The Senior Senior (and no, I am not referring to myself in the third person) was low on the list.  I’ve kept up with the Daily City Photo because it takes five minutes, tops.

Technically, my laziness over Spring Break cost me – the next four weeks will be a veritable Oregon Trail of academic work.  I’m almost done with the three books for my Sociolinguistics class, and I am still keeping up with the weekly chapter readings.  The paper is, however, about twice as long as I had anticipated.  I only skimmed the Syntax chapter, since early on I realized I got it (I got it!) from the lectures, and the homework didn’t take nearly as long as it normally does.  We’ll see how long that lasts.

And then there’s my French Lit classes.  The readings for the modern lit class are chugging along, for now (though recently they’ve been quite long).  But I have a beef with Rousseau, as it pertains to my early lit class – Rousseau wrote what I consider to be the literary equivalent of quicksand.  I drift off nearly every time I read his book.  I’ve resorted to reading haute voix, to keep myself awake and to keep me from missing everything.  I guess I fall more on the Voltaire side of the equation.

Which leads me to something that I think we, as a society, find interesting – the binary division of people.  There are Voltaire people and there are Rousseau people, just like there are Beatles people and Stones people.  Then you have, within Beatles people, Lennon people and McCartney people.  You can go on and on…cat/dog…city/small town…Citizen Kane/Gone With the Wind (although I’ve never heard that expressed exactly like that – that’s the pair I’m going with).  In a sense, this is like, in linguistics, minimal pairs – pairs of words that differ by one sound that changes the meaning of the word – bat/pat, etc.   The point of minimal pairs is to isolate what is different or unique in a language – we distinguish between b and p, changing one to the other makes something different entirely.  That I consider myself a Voltaire/Beatles/McCartney/Citizen Kane person makes me different than a Rousseau/Stones/Lennon/Gone With the Wind person.  Or so it goes.  It seems pretty arbitrary when it comes to mere cultural preferences.

Apparently, I have had a lot rolling around in my brain that was not allowed to escape in the absence of blogging.  I almost wrote a post earlier in the week about the idea of modern day talismans, but that can keep until tomorrow.

I shall try to remain a good blogger – since KS(-P) and Puppy Mama have been using The Senior Senior to keep up on my whereabouts, as we are all pulled in our separate directions.  They both asked about my ankle after reading Splat! so I need to keep posting, or my “peeps,” as the young kids say, may believe I have fallen off the edge of the earth (where there “be monsters”).  So, at the very least, I should keep up with it as long as good friends are kept apart by the demands of a busy life.

3view2r.jpg (Monsters!)

04godzillating4.jpg (and more Monsters! – Plus check out Godzilla vs. Mothra – freakin’ hilarious!)