ycct257d.gif (Lucky Test Taking Pencil, please help me get great GRE scores!)

I have a lucky test-taking pencil.  While I would not go so far as to say it has magical test-taking abilities, I consider it de rigeur for all tests.  Since I have had the LTTP, I have taken tests with other pencils and gotten As, and I have taken tests with LTTP and gotten ABs (which is not to say that an AB isn’t lucky – just not magical like an A).  That would imply that LTTP is not especially lucky, yet, I would rather take the test with the LTTP, just in case it has some mystical right answer-guiding abilities.

Which sums up my attitude toward luck – I’ll work hard and be ambitious, but it seems stupid not to encourage a little luck, just in case.  So if that means preferring the pencil with a proven test record, well why not?  You wouldn’t walk under a ladder – sure they say it’s unlucky, but isn’t it unlucky because it’s dangerous?

And yes, I read my horoscope.  Not because I believe it will come true, but if it claims good luck for me, and I have an extra spring in my step, a little confidence boost – then tant mieux.  And occasionally, I buy a lottery ticket when my palm itches.  It isn’t my retirement plan, but for a buck, why not?

When my GRE test date arrives (12 practicing days until my GRE test date), I will be packing LTTP.  LTTP doesn’t take the place of the 4 months of practice I’ve put in, but I’ve spent a lot of money to take this test; I’m going to take it with my lucky pencil.