Dang!  I have lost a complete week somewhere.  It’s probably under the couch cushions, along with a handful of pennies and a bobby pin.  I wouldn’t be surprised – when Puppy Mama and I were roommates (back in the paleolithic era known as the 90s), we had a hideous green sleeper sofa that sucked up pennies, popcorn and lord knows what else.

Another thing that has been worrying me is my increase in coasting.  I’m keeping up with everything, and my grades aren’t dropping, but I’m becoming less and less dedicated.  The irony is that last semester, practically every waking minute of my day was spoken for, and I still tackled homework every night.  I have a few less credits, my schedule is a lot more coherent, and yet I feel like I am getting less done.  Maybe that is just my perception.  I’m certainly keeping up, in discussions and in homework.  I’ve been feeling a bit of a slacker, though.  That might just be some sort of guilt.

I’ve made a new changes to my schedule.  I have been historically lax about housework (it is a tool of the devil).  Eventually, it seems overwhelming, and I have to spend days getting back to normal.  Instead of waiting until I have to spend the rest of my natural life keeping up, I am going to spend 20 minutes each day getting a little drudge work out of the way.  No more, no less.  It will take a while before I see progress, but I think it might pay off.  Hopefully, I’ll feel more ambitious about studying as well.

A lot of this feeling sluggish coincided with my ankle injury.  I’m quite a bit better now, though by the end of the day it hurts.  Being laid up like that has made me lethargic.

I think I’ll take this opportunity to do a math worksheet.  Hooray for the GRE!