Some days, I shudder at the number of e-mails I get.  Most of them are the typical spam and spam-lite, but there are other e-mails that fall into the category of “oh, I’ll get to that later…”  This is compounded by the shocking increase in e-mail addresses that I have.  I have (drumroll) 5:  one dial-up, one high-speed (my DSL provider lets me keep my old e-mail address), one for work, one for school, and my Yahoo address, which I established to have an e-mail which was not tied to my (very distinctive) last name – which I used to give to men I had not vetted enough to trust.  When the Ex and I started going out, I stopped checking it (for obvious reasons), but recently I started using it again.  I am not to the point where I’m handing out my e-mail to strange men, but I find the Yahoo address useful as a sort of clearinghouse – you need to give an e-mail address, but you don’t want your inbox clogged with “offers from our partners.”  I really only check 2 of the 5 addresses daily, so sometimes e-mails slip through the cracks.  And who am I kidding – sometimes I mean to get back to someone, but their message travels further down the list until it vanishes completely.

I remember a Married With Children episode where Kelly is cramming for something (a game show, I believe) – she manages to memorize every piece of information except one – she simply runs out of room in her brain.  Sometimes I feel that way with my interests – I have plenty of them, but time for only a few – some of them simply have to be put into storage until I have time for them.  Occasionally, I get to revive a former interest – but I fear that most of the time, they just fade away.  You could say that those that don’t get revived are probably of little importance, but I don’t see it like that.  We have limited time and energy and trimming our passions to fit our schedules makes our life a little less interesting.  I wish I had a solution, but I guess we have to make these choices all the time – it is a shame when something we enjoy drops off the radar.