This is a post with a very limited audience: the person who keeps getting my blog by doing a search for instructions on drawing syntactic trees in Word.  I feel your pain, complete stranger.  And since I have seen that search more than once, I assume you have hit maximum desperation.  I have two pieces of advice for you:

  1. Do not, under any circumstances, create syntactic trees in Word.  Life is too short, and that is time you are never getting back.
  2. Get thee to – and download the TreeForm software.  Donald Derrick (the creator) is a hero to linguistics students everywhere.  I will sing his praises!  Wheeeee!

As for plopping it in Word, it is super easy to insert it as an object into a Word document (use the clipboard function).  This is the only way I would ever do trees in Word.  In my Syntax class, we work in pairs – my partner and I will never use anything else (other than paper and pencil).  Count that as an endorsement.

I hope this helps.