After an evening of socializing with the gang on Saturday, Bad Influence gave me a ride home.  We were talking, as we are likely to do, about relationships; rather the lack thereof.  We were musing (musing snarkily) that some women just seem to always be able to find someone; they’ll have a break-up, and after a little alone time, they are back in a relationship.  We decided that it was probably unfair, then moved to the seeming paucity of interesting men.  I joked that I was likely to end up a shriveled husk of a woman, taking care of 87 cats.  I have long suspected that I have a crazy cat lady in me, just waiting to bust out; after seeing a recent Simpsons episode (the take off on the Up films), where the genesis of the Crazy Cat Lady (hint: degrees from Harvard and Yale) got me thinking, as well as laughing.

I’m not saying that I’ve given up, but…I may have given up.  I think I spent too much time not being picky enough, if that makes any sense, making it less likely that I will get what I want (other than a PhD.).

Maybe I should just stick to planning my summer in France.