I have been busy.  I managed to get on the stick and finish my assignments for tomorrow, sooner rather than later, and can write a little tonight.  I’m not wild about my paper on Rousseau – it has a lot of choppy, telegraphed sentences (the French was not flowing this week).  I have time to fix it, but after earlier attempts, it hasn’t improved, so I’ll say it’s done.  At least it is grammatically correct (look!  proper use of the dreaded subjunctive!).  I could get a jump on one or two other things, but quite frankly, I could use the down time.

What I really want to do, as you might well imagine, is pour over guidebooks and figure out all the things I’m going to do while I’m in France.  Alas, I need to get through the next 7 days before I can get going on that.  And I still haven’t gotten my passport (what is that?  Nine weeks?  Or ten?  Okay, nine.).  I was hoping to buy my ticket this week, but it is customary to have enough money to pay for it.  So it will have to wait until next week.  Meanwhile, I obsessively check the prices of tickets.  And make plans.  And imagine what cute traveling clothes I’m going to buy (I’d like to take the “ugly” out of Ugly American in all senses).  And figure out how much film I’m going to buy.  That’s right, I said film.  So I’m a Luddite.  So there.

 Are we there yet?  We haven’t even left yet!