Technologically speaking, this is a weird time.  Things happen at a different pace they used to.  Way back when (in the 90s), when I was the Junior Junior, you had to wait two weeks for your grades, while the professors logged them in their books, calculated their averages, and then reported them to the registrar.  The registrar’s office and the room-sized computer programmed to do its bidding, would compile everyone’s grades, and then, on carbon paper, no less, printed out the grades of every enrolled student, sealed them up, and mailed them out.  Frankly, it’s a miracle it took only two weeks.  Things, of course, have changed.  Some professors may record grades in a book, but I suspect most of them have Excel spreadsheets (I know I would).  They log in, report the grades, and then the system updates daily, sending the information to each student’s personal portal.  That way, students find out no more than 24 hours after each grade is reported.  This is not better or worse than the old system, just different.  For example, I found out a grade today (an A; and yes, I did a little dance).  Tomorrow, I may find out another one.  Or I may not; professors have until the middle of next week to report their grades.  I, as the Junior Junior, would wait for the self-contained envelope from school, knowing that it wouldn’t be for another two weeks, but I would know all of my grades at once.  My father would hover, in case I tried to pull a fast one and hide my grades.  Now, I might find out my grades over the course of a week, checking my portal incessantly (even though the grade reports are updated only once a day).  And, if I choose not to print, there is no paper record.  These days, I do choose to print, as I am no longer the slacking underachiever I once was.  I even post them on my fridge, because I am that big of a nerd.  There is nothing for me to do now, but to wait.

And that A?  Freaking Syntax!  This might be the sweetest A ever.  At least, until next semester.