I can’t help but wonder if I’ve already written a post titled “Ants in my pants” before.  It sounds familiar, it is a familiar sentiment, and one that I know I’ve explored.  So here we go again:  I am on the cusp of great adventures, but I have to wait for these adventures.  Sure, leaving for France is mere weeks away, but even so, I am in a holding pattern.  Do I have my passport yet?  No.  Do I have my plane ticket yet?  Again, no.   Although I have been thwarted before, I do plan on buying the plane ticket later this week; but as for the passport…I have been assured that I will get it in time, but it’s kind of important.  Without the passport or the plane ticket, it all feels a little unreal, as if someone is going to come up to me and say, “Sorry, change of plans.  Tough crap.”  What can I say?  Other than I am a bit of a pessimist at heart.