As the first full week of the summer begins, I am trying to a) organize my life as much as possible before I leave for Europe, so I don’t have to come home to the same mayhem I fled earlier (such a bummer) and b) find a short-term job, because not only am I too jumpy to just “hang out,” but considering the dent this educational excursion is going to make in my finances, it wouldn’t hurt to earn a few extra dollars before I go. 

I made some progress on a), although I found myself having to stop because the dust got so damn bad.  As for b), I had an interview today.  I am in full-on pessimist mode, mostly because I have had some great interviews lately, and no offers.  Fortunately, my old job will be waiting for me in the fall.  As for the interval, I plan to go to a temp agency tomorrow and sign up, but again, I am in full-on pessimist mode, and doubt there will be a short-term gig for me.  But I definitely won’t have a job if I don’t look for one, so I might as well look for one – who knows?  My string of not-so-hot luck might turn any day now.  If I weren’t such a nose-to-the grindstone goody two-shoes, my luck would be even worse.

So let’s not talk of luck, since I find it useless.