After the hustle and bustle of the semester ended, I found myself left alone with all the non-school related stress I ignore by dealing with my school-related stress.  The non-school related stress sucks because it encompasses all the crap I can’t control.  So today, I have found myself in a bad mood today, despite a humorous e-mail from Puppy Mama.  All was not lost, however, because my mom put me on to a perfectly ludicrous Lifetime movie.  My mom is a huge believer in the power of bad movies, and as I am her only daughter, she thought she’d help me out by prescribing a doozy.

KS(-P) refers to the Lifetime Movie as a “Good ‘Nuff,” after her imaginary down-market supermarket brand (as in Shur-Fine or Best Yet).  This particular “Good ‘Nuff” was about an arson investigator who suffered from a chronic case of EFS (Excessive Flashback Syndrome).  She also, if that wasn’t bad enough, had terrible luck with men, as all the men she loved mysteriously died in fires (get it? ’cause she’s an arson investigator!).  All in all, a tremendous howler of a flick.  It had it all – portentous voice-over narration, tedious flashbacks, a mystery so obvious I solved it within the first 30 minutes of the film (it would have been sooner, but some of the flashbacks went on too long and it was difficult to establish what the mystery was at first).  I especially liked how all of the characters were mere collections of clichés and unrealistic behavior.  The miracle of the Good ‘Nuff film is how it can turn competent actors into Guffmanesque performers, all through the magic of hackneyed scriptwriting.  Ah, the dialogue….

Of course, after the movie ended, and I had nothing left to mock, I started feeling crappy again.  I’d watch another terrible movie, but I can really only stand one awful movie a day.