I have been watching the prices for airline tickets to France as avidly as a stock market junkie watches the NASDAQ.  I have been loath to buy my ticket for many reasons, the biggest one being that buying tickets online, while often cheaper, means you give up flexibility – if you need to change your flight, well, it sucks to be you.  And since I still have not received my passport, I was worried that it would not come by the time I was scheduled to leave.  And then I would be screwed.  In fact, I read in the local paper about a family that almost had to cancel their trip (and take a bath on the costs) because their passports hadn’t arrived yet.  They contacted either their congressperson or senator for assistance and still had to drive many hours to Chicago to pick up their passports.  It gave me shivers, I tell you.

But it has come to the point where I simply couldn’t wait any longer, so I bought my ticket.  I had to bump back my departure date because I waited so long, and that means I have shortened my trip.  Since I had my heart set on spending five days in Paris, all non-Paris plans have been postponed for another trip.  C’est la vie, as they say.

But I do have a plane ticket, and except for the worry of still not having my passport (and believe me, I’m not the only one who is worried – I keep getting subtle reminders from the staff at the Study Abroad office that they really need that information.  To which I say, “I know. ”  And then I mutter that if I ran the passport office….

But I have my ticket, and now it really feels like I’m going.