…no, I haven’t gotten it yet.

I have been laboring under the impression that this passport issue would work itself out.  After all, if the government says 12 weeks…why I would all of the sudden blindly trust authority is a mystery, however.

I make my daily trip to the State Department website, to check on my passport’s progress.  Once again, I receive the same, useless message that it is being processed.  Thanks for the info.  Earlier today, however, I read an article in the local paper about how people are not receiving their passports within the 12 week time-frame, and that the Passport Agency is not so much being as helpful as they should (considering they have been giving people inaccurate information on how long it is taking).  I know, add it to the list.  In the article, people who did get their passports just under the wire did so by calling the offices of either their senators or congresspeople.  Now, while I have signed many a petition and attended a few protests in my time, the idea of calling never occurred to me (it seems a little high maintenance).  Still, I was given inaccurate information by a government agency (“Sure, you’ll get your passport in time.”), and if this is what I have to do to get things done, this is what I have to do to get things done.

So I call the local office of my congresswoman, and talked to a staffer who is handling these issues pretty much full-time (I would not want to be her).  She was very helpful, and assured me that they would take care of it and I would have passport in hand by my departure date.  Which was extremely helpful.

Still, I can’t help feeling that something out there is trying like hell to prevent me from going.  I’m doing my best to ignore that feeling, but I won’t feel like I’m going until my plane lands in Paris.  If I manage to get there, I will feel like I have achieved a great victory.