I’m still starring in the soap opera of “The Senior Senior Tries to go to France.”  Today, I thought I’d call the Study Abroad Office and see if they would be able to help grease the wheels of my appeal.  After a couple of conversations, it looks like they’re going to give it a whirl.  Whether they have any pull with the Bursar’s office is another story.  Since there’s really nothing I can do until Monday, and I have done pretty much everything I can do (except larceny, but I definitely wouldn’t be going to France if I got tossed into the pokey.  Oh, and stealing is wrong.), I decided to experiment with luggage and see if I can bring everything I had written down on the list.  The answer is no, by the way.  I’ve done a little paring, and Sunday I plan to do some laundry, and I think I’ll pack on Monday.  I can only hope that I’m taking the right amount:  not too much, where I curse myself everyday for overloading myself, and not too little, where I stink to high hell (not enough clothes), or I have to keep buying things I left at home (and using my spending money on sundries instead of wine).  Still, I’d feel a hell of a lot more prepared if I had my passport and this financial aid situation was straightened out.  You know, unreasonable things like that.

I did some cleaning and organizing.  My goal is to have things reasonably in order, so when I get back (assuming I actually leave – I’m an optimist), I don’t feel like there is this huge pile of work waiting for me.  I suspect I won’t have things as spic-and-span as I would ideally like (since during this time of setbacks I felt so overwhelmed, I lacked any sort of cleaning ambition), but it should be pretty respectable.  And the activity of organizing (and calling and generally reminding people that I am still here and that I have issues that may not be at the top of their lists, but they are certainly at the top of mine), really gave me a sense of forward motion, so that’s pretty worthwhile.

Ooof, I’m exhausted now.  I need to rest up for the going away brunch at KS(-P)’s house.  Our intrepid gang will eat, drink and be merry; if everyone is like me, this will be a sorely needed respite.