Just when I think I’ve got one problem under control….

I made some phone calls, and while I’m not crazy in love with most of my strategies to deal with the financial aid snafu (which is more or less fixed – just not in time for my departure), I have multiple strategies, so I won’t be eating garbage, sleeping on the streets or hitchhiking.  Which is a load off my mind.

As for the passport…I talked to the woman from the congressperson’s office, and I’ve got to say, her optimism is not what it was when I talked to her on Thursday (although, I suppose if I had her job, I would have a decided lack of optimism, too).  She suggested I try pushing back my flight (which has already been pushed back), or try driving to Chicago to get a passport within a day (which not only, in my case, means catching a bus to Chicago in the wee hours of the morning, but waiting in line from 4 am with all the other poor, desperate bastards, till god-knows-how-long and paying the processing fee again, which is an additional expense I can ill afford) .  These are not options readily available to me.  I know that there is a limit to what she can do, and really, she shouldn’t be required to do all this for constituents.  The @$#!^&!! State Department has handled these new passport requirements poorly, so much so that if they were a private business, exposes on Dateline would blow the lid of their fly-by-night claims and misinformation.  Actually, that’s not a bad idea.  Dateline, in between catching internet pervs and interviewing celebrities I’m sick of hearing about, could do a two-hour special and call it…well, I can’t think of a pithy title off-hand.  Suggestions?

This blog is fast becoming my place to vent about how “those fuckers” are bound and determined to put the kibosh on this whole enterprise.  I’m sure that it makes it tedious reading for those who don’t give a rat’s ass (my, aren’t I colorful these days?) whether I go to France.  I certainly hesitate using the word “unfair,” since in the vast scheme of things, I suppose I have it pretty sweet.  And yet, I have followed all the rules, planned ahead, and was generally Senior Senior-on-the-spot.  And here I am, despite the assurances I’ve received all along, with a very real risk of wasting the price of a plane ticket, and missing out on an experience that very well could be the difference between getting into a graduate program (and an assistantship to help pay for it), and not getting into a graduate program.  The stakes are higher than just getting to do something cool, since I can’t afford to do something just because it seems cool.  And yes, I understand that not everyone is going to share my priorities.  But since I am working hard and following the rules, it would be nice if I was rewarded with institutions (and it is institutions more than individual people who are failing me) that managed to keep their collective word.   I can’t guarantee that this is the last time I’ll bitch about it.

I would love to have good news to pass along, unfortunately, I don’t have any to share.  Except that the nurse called with my test results for all the tests they ran.  Everything is good, and I am in excellent health.

So yes, at least I have my health.