Even though Paris is trying to become plus branché, the practice is not working as well as the theory.  The brand spanking new WiFi gratuit that is supposed to be taking Paris by storm is not so much working.  At least not for me.  Two days without e-mail is a lot to ask of me.  I am blogging from Gare de Lyon, and I paid 8 Euros for the privilege.  In the US, I would have to be pretty damn desperate, but here it takes a lot less desperation to reach the breaking point.

Paris is…well, I may even lack the vocabulary to describe it in English.  It is even better than I imagined.  Of course, as I write this, there is some greasy, babbling French man, clearly incensed that I’m using a laptop, hectoring me.  But he’s gone now.  For the most part, we’ll say 80% of the time, everyone is kind.  That’s right, mes amis, rude Parisians are not nearly as common as they say.  Of course, it does help that I do speak French.

That said, my first day here (after roughly two hours of sleep in a 48 hour period), it was as if I had become an idiot.  But, I’ve rolled with it.  Yesterday, I barely used any English.  However, I must say that the vocabulary one uses in French lit classes is not the vocabulary one uses in daily French life.  I mean, what the hell is the word for doorknob?  I still don’t know.

Also, with the almost biblical level of jet lag (and just plain  lack of sleep) I had on Thursday, I did only a fraction of what I planned to do.  I did go to the Eiffel Tower, but didn’t go up, since the mere thought exhausted me.  I took some pictures, though.

Another thing that struck me was that Parisian dogs are superbly behaved.  I saw tons of them, off-leash, calm as can be, even around other dogs.  No poodles, but a couple of French Bulldogs.

Friday, I swear I must have walked 1/3 of Paris.  I went to the Musée Cluny, which, to a History Channel-watching dork like me, was awesome.  I mean, literally awesome.  The things people used to make, and the level of craftsmanship, struck me dumb.  I saw the oldest standing church in Paris (St Germain des-Prés), walked around les Jardins du Luxembourg (taking beaucoup des photos), and even caught a modern art exhibit.  Sadly, I didn’t go to the theatre, mostly because by 8:00, I was dead-ass tired.  Hopefully, when I come back at the end of July, I’ll have more energy.

So, on to Grenoble.  I have another 50 minutes before my train.  I left early, to make sure I had plenty of time.  Now I am waiting in the waiting room, with, among other, a very large, very noisy, American tour group.  Maintenant, je suis canadienne.