I have developed a little cold, which is, bien sur, très annoying.  No one wants to get a cold in the summer or while traveling.  But, I suppose it isn’t very surprising.  Ah well, I’m at the internet café, drinking lemon tea.

As today is the first day of summer, the city (as is all cities in France) is preparing for la Fête de Musique.  Musicians set up on the streets and serenade the populace.  I’ve got to finish my roll of 100 speed film so tonight I can take pictures.

It is finally a bit cooler today, it has been near 90 degrees (all I hear about is Celsius, and despite my meteorlogy class of semesters gone by, I can’t remember the conversion worth a damn – I suppose I could look it up, but feh, it isn’t really worth the effort).  France is not so much air conditioned, and I didn’t think much of that when I heard it, because my American appartment isn’t air conditioned.  But you forget how much is air conditioned at home.  It is hard to have much of an appetite when it is that warm, even if the food is excellent.

Only in France:  I saw a guy smoking a cigarette, riding a bike.

Another amusement:  there are paperbacks here, for customers to relax and read while sipping their café.  Among the books, a Murder She Wrote mystery novel.

A tout!

The Senior Senior