The summer rhume is on it’s way out.  Yesterday, we went to Vercors, a segment of the the Alps that has a tragic history with the French Resistance.  Stinkin’ Nazis.  We also went to the Grottes de Choranches, a cave formation, and we visited a Chèvrerie, where one makes goat cheese.  However, the combination between the cold and the motion sickness on the trip made me, by the grottes très malade.  After we got back to Grenoble, I loaded up on echinachea and went to bed.  Today, still rhume-y, but feeling much better, I decided to get all shutterbuggy (I took two rolls yesterday) again; this time, around the centre-ville of Grenoble.  Something like that is good on a Sunday, since unlike in the US, nearly everything is closed.  It becomes very quiet; while I will take pictures of daily life in Grenoble, I felt like just taking pictures of things.

The internet café is open today, which was fortuitous, since I was missing my “peeps.”  I’m not especially homesick, but I am missing the gang.  I feel like such a geriatric around all these kids.  I would like to be able to e-mail Puppy Mama, KS(-P), Bad Influence and the gang; the fact that I can’t find the sweet, free Wi-Fi, leads me to be frugal with my on-line time.  So Puppy Mama:  I bet it is the difference between Canadian and Continental.  I would say boîte (box), for its container.  KS(-P):  interesting French.  Similar to your “ghetto.”  A tardy “break a leg” to you.

Oh, and I am in a no-woman’s land:  I’m thinking roughly 6o/40 English/French.  Often in the same sentence.  So if you see weird spelling, it is probably due to that.

A tout,
The Senior Senior