After class today, we were walking to the tram stop.  And I admit it, there was English speaking going on.  While I (personally) think that it is probably better just to speak in French amongst ourselves, it can be a lot of extra work, and it is not for me to say what language one should or should not speak.  My impulse, is to respond in the language that is spoken to me.  So we are speaking in English (well, I wasn’t saying that much, because while I am in the group, it is clear that I am not part of it).  A security guard came up on a bike and asked if we were “anglais.”  He had meant if we were English, not that we spoke English, but by that point, it didn’t really matter.  It turns out his boss is looking for a native English speaker to work with his kids during the summer.  I took the initiative, and though I need to call this evening to set things up (a thought which terrifies me, since the phone means I don’t have access to lip reading and facial expressions in case I become perdue.  But I’m still paying bills while I’m here, and it is a paying gig.  So that would be nice.

I’m also thinking that I might go to Arles for at least a day this weekend, maybe two (though I don’t think that’s so likely – I think hotel rooms are too hard to find, and a little more expensive than I want to pay – though if I’m going to be able to pick up a little pin money…).  Tony Bennett may have lost his heart in San Francisco, but Van Gogh lost his ear (although I think he had an idea where he left it).

I’m feeling all lone wolf lately, since I’m not part of the cliques that are transpiring.  It is funny how predictable human nature is, no?  I don’t feel bad about not being part of the “gang,” but I do miss a certain level of human interaction.  I’m hoping that either the few hours a week that I might be tutoring, and maybe the opportunity to meet other students (those who are, at the very least, closer to 30 than 20) might help that.  For now, it’s me, my franglais, and my blog.  I would be a little blue, but in case you haven’t noticed, I’m living in France.  And that’s cool enough for now.