This is going to be a quick one, as I am off to my new job as an English tutor.  I tackled the phone, and the Mamman answered.  She had been updated, and I think she spoke extra clearly, knowing that I was not a native French speaker, since I understood her well.  So, wish me luck.

Also, I have not booked my train ticket to Arles, but I did book a room at the Hostel.  I wasn’t going to stay at a hostel, because I am so very old, but 15 Euros compared to 50 changed my mind quickly.  I probably shouldn’t blow so much money at all, but I figure I can eat sandwiches and not shop at the soldes (which are fabulous) – the twice yearly mega sales they have in France.  They started today, and tout le monde is hitting all the stores, from Monoprix and Galleries Lafayette to the little boutiques.  We don’t really have a comparison in the US, because everyday there is a sale somewhere.  I’m going to wait – I hear that in two weeks, the prices are even better, even if the pickings are slim.

A tout,
The Senior Senior