Thursday, after I posted, I left the internet café and waited for the tram.  I half-heartedly window-shopped (J’ai tièdement fait du lèche-vitrines), and caught the tram back to the apartment.  Even though the vending machine spat out a bonus Kit Kat bar when I bought a bottle of water, I was hungry when I got home; knowing that dinner tends to be around 9:00, I felt a snack was in order.  I puttered around a bit, put away my laundry, took a shower and had a cup of tea.  Then I took a two-hour nap.  I had no idea I was so tired.  Feeling guilty after the nap, I started working on some things that are not due until early next week, but since I will be spending all day Saturday in Avignon and half the day in Chatreuse on Sunday, I suspected that I would not have beaucoup de temps  for homework.  When Mme W came home, she told me that I always seemed to be working.  While I put more effort into the homework than everybody else (as I am a huge school nerd), the blog updates and the luxurious naps indicate something else entirely.  But I kept that to myself.

And then another 2-hour French dinner.

I’ve noticed by the second hour of dinner, my French is decidedly less careful.  I doubt it’s the wine, as I have two (okay, maybe three) glasses at dinner, and I’m never tipsy.  Tired, but never tipsy.  I think my brain gets fatigued.  Like now:  I’m not using my portable (laptop), but a computer with a French keyboard, and it’s taking me forever.  So I’ll pause here and update y’all when I get back from Avignon, though it may be after I get back from Chartreuse. 

Where in the hell do they hide the “m” on this crazy thing?