You know, I really shouldn’t complain (even as I hunt and peck on a French keyboard). That said, I had a wish today in one of my classes, and it wasn’t part of my normal load.

I wanted to crush someone.

And while I could defend myself with a laundry list of reasons and rationalizations, the fact is that it wasn’t the best part of my character, the part that I try each day to cultivate. It was the small, petty part of me that likes to exact revenge for inflicting their personality problems into my world; to exact revenge by doing the one thing that I know will piss them off. And while in this case, that would be simply getting the best grade in the class, something that would benefit me more than the revenge, the impulse troubled me. I like to think that I’m more evolved than that. But apparently, I’m not.

Another thing: I’m not sure if my French has improved, but my franglais is excellent.

Tonight, a concert with E and tomorrow a trip to a chateau and le 14 in Lyon.