After classes today, it was off to Vizille and the National Museum of the Revolution, apropos as tomorrow is the 14th, which is the National Holiday (the French don’t call it Bastille Day).  Forgoing my now customary mid-afternoon nap, I was enlightened by such things as Propaganda Porcelaine* and the hall of Morbid Paintings** after which we hung out at a lake, followed by a visit to a big-ass statue of Napoleon.  I kid, but it was a nice excursion.  Tomorrow, I spend the day in Lyon, followed by a (what I’m sure will be terrifying) ride on the teleferique up to watch the fireworks and a ride down the teleferique to the Ball in the Place St Andre.  I hear it is quite a shindig.

Until then, and hopefully, I will be composing the next entry on my own computer, which has its keys exactly where I left them.

* Not its real name
** Again, my own creation