The ungodly heat they warned us about is here, and I am fairly certain I have lost half my body weight in sweat today (sadly, the part that is fat still remains).  I am waiting for a correction of a paper (a subject I do not wish to describe, as it is a lengthy tirade about the structure of a class here).  I started a writing class on Monday, though it is quite a lot of work, I am learning a ton, so it is worthwhile.  However, that is not the class to which I am referrring.  Ah well, laisse tomber….

I am calling myself the lizard woman of Grenoble because the sunburn I got on my chest 2 weeks ago is peeling, so I believe I may be molting.  I feel completely disgusting with the peeling and the sweating and the cramps (yes, that’s right, cramps too); when I dropped my pencil in class today, “merde” was the logical response.

I have more to say, but it will have to wait until after I replace some fluids.  Comment dit-on Gatorade, anyway?  Bleah, I am disgusting – it’s a good thing I never see the World’s Most Gorgeous Mailman these days.