Quand tout le monde devient de plus en plus crabby…*


There has been a trend this week, where everyone is a little short tempered. We were talking about it as we were waiting for class today. It is the last week of the program, and everyone is getting ready to hit the road. Some people are going straight home, and I’m sure they have mixed feelings about that. Maybe some of them have been homesick and are ready to go home, and others wish they could stay a little longer (though without classes). Those of us who are doing a little or a lot of traveling after Friday are likely chomping at the bit.


I know I am, and while I wish I could spend more time in France, I have run out of Excedrin, and that is a sign that I need to go home soon. Oh yeah, and I am running out of money at an alarming clip. Stupid weak dollar. Stupid “International Fees.” Both are killing me – I’ve probably paid more than 20 dollars to my bank in international fees, though not so much these days, as my credit card charges tiny fees compared to my bank. Still, I’ve spent nearly all my money, and have readjusted my budget in Paris to be more frugal – instead of three nights in a single with a shower and WC, three nights in a single with a hall shower and WC; instead of budget of 50 euros a day for food, I’m now down to 25 (less if I actually want to buy things). I can do it, I have the know-how. Still, there are things I won’t cut out – all the sights are still on the itinerary (I’m buying a carte musée to save money), and I’m still going to Versailles.


I only have one assignment left – my oral presentation on Thursday. I haven’t really worked on it; I’m saving that for Wednesday. But after that, I think I’m more or less done in all my classes.


It is weird to think about leaving. You get used to a place in a very short time, and I really feel like I’ve lived here, as opposed to just staying here. Sure, it is true that I haven’t explored the whole city, but I think you can say that about the city in which you have lived for 6 years, not just 6 weeks. Some of the others say it will be weird to go back, but they haven’t kicked around as much as I have; what will be weird for me is how easily it will be to slip into my old life, which has been waiting for me at home. Even the cat will forgive me for my treachery within a week.


Since I feel like it, I will finish this post with two lists: things about France I will miss, and things I will not.


Things I will miss about France:


French cheeses

Wine with dinner

Jaunting off to Provence

Jaunting off to the mountains

Public transportation that runs every 10 minutes



Mme W

Place de (insert place name here)

The fountains in Place de (insert place name here)


M. La Poste



Things I will not miss about France:


The crappy exchange rate

That almost everything is more expensive (6 Euro floss!)

Aggressive panhandlers (they make the ones in the US look like cream puffs)

The chronic smoking of the French

Piles of dog crap (picking up after your dog has not caught on here)

The cleanliness standards of public restrooms


Hey! The things I miss list is longer, so that must mean that I’m having a good time. Oh wait, I already said that I was.


Next post: hilarious signs I have seen.


*When everyone is getting crabbier