My laptop crapped out on me Sunday.  I have a call in to my Tech Guy (aka, the Ex), but I don’t think “lappy” is going to pull through.  It wasn’t just the blue screen, the phrase “performing memory dump” or the fact that, in mid-panic, I accidentally dropped a camera on my keyboard, popping the “Z” key free.  All that is scary enough.  But now, when I turn the dang thing on, it claims it can’t boot – there is no hard drive.  I have only a passing knowledge of computer workings, but I’m guessing that can’t be good.

The laptop made the trip with me to France, so maybe it got all jet-lagged too, making it susceptible to terrible maladies (and again, the fact that I dropped something on it could not have helped).  It is just a thing, a machine, but its demise comes at a terrible time.  After paying my bills and digging myself out of France-related debt (and renewing my health insurance), I have nowhere near the amount necessary to buy a new laptop.  I had one budgeted in for spring – a tricked out, high performance number that would be able to take me through my PhD (at which time, it will be hopelessly out of date, I’m sure).

I can muddle through without one (using only my obsolete desktop, and whatever time I can scrap up in computer labs on campus), but all things being equal, I’d rather have something (even if it is a sickly “lappy”, limping through the rest of the school year).

Being laptop free has also made it difficult to post, as you can well imagine.  Here’s what you’ve missed:

I am starting to get a little melancholy, as I am back to my old, unexciting life.
I am still, unfortunately, carrying a torch for my Ex, which sucks for me.
I will start my hotel housekeeping job tomorrow.

Not much, I know.