The party’s over…

On Monday, I started working.  That in itself is not bad or anything; as long as everyone requires money in exchange for goods and/or services, I’ve got to work.  On Thursday, I started my 2nd job.  I haven’t worked into my groove yet, but eventually, I should be working roughly 20 – 25 hours a week at both jobs until school starts.  Then I cut back to 15-16 hours a week for each job.  It is going to be a grind, working 7 days a week for the near future, but it isn’t like I have anything else to do (at least until school starts, but after school and work, I won’t really have anything else to do – which is good, as I won’t have the time).  I get my financial aid at the end of the month, but after tuition, books and health insurance (I’m too old to hope “nothing will happen to me”), I don’t have really anything left for: food, bills, rent.  So one job will pay for the necessities, and as for the other, any extra money (and I anticipate that there will be extra money) goes to such frivolities as:  a new laptop to replace the late, lamented “Lappy,” grad school application fees, and my “picking up and moving to a completely different city to start graduate school fund.”  Although it is true, I have a big frivolity planned in January – Puppy Mama, KS(-P), Bad Influence and I have been talking tough about an excursion to Vegas.  We’re not big gamblers, but after the obligatory pass at a real game (none of that slot shit), then it will be time to hit all the Vegas-y spots and just generally get silly.  Of course, these days when we finally get together to go out, we’re all wiped out before midnight.  We may want to train. 

As tedious as working 7 days a week (some of them scrubbing toilets and the like) is, it is more palatable having a goal in mind.  Just busting ass to keep body and soul together is draining – I know, I’ve had to do it myself.  Which reminds me of a headline in The Onion from this week – “Minimum Wage Hike Celebrated with Name Brand Ketchup.”  It was both funny and true; though I have not worked for minimum wage in quite some time, I can tell you that it takes a lot more than minimum wage to make you not poor.  Sure, I got to spend the summer in France, but I had to take out some hefty loans to do so.  Plus, I emptied out my checking account, and now things like coffee or cheese are beyond my means, and until the paychecks start reflecting the amount of time I work, they will need to remain luxurious dreams.

But someday, after I pay off my student loans, and I have tenure…ah, I will buy cheese and coffee, and deodorant…and cotton balls…and I will still have money left over.  Ah, how sweet that will be.