I’ve been getting a little nostalgic lately.  The start of the academic year seems to do that to me.  In general, I’m not a particularly sentimental person; I don’t glorify “the good old days.”  Things happened:  some of them are pleasant memories, some of them are not; I could say the same for my life in the present.

Once you become nostalgic, things that happen in your everyday life add to the sensation.  This can be dangerous.  Left unchecked, you start making odd fashion choices (mullet, anyone?), calling old boyfriends…it’s a slippery slope.

I have acquired a harmless little work crush.  In fact, “crush” is probably too strong a word.  I just happen to work with a nice young man who is easy on the eyes.  C’est tout.  However, as I poked long dormant thoughts with the stick of nostalgia, I realized that my harmless little work crush bears a resemblance to an old friend from my days as the Junior Junior.  I started thinking to myself, “I wonder what High School Homecoming King (so called because he struck me as the stereotypical BMOC, but he was a good egg anyway) is up to.”  We flirted a good deal back in the day, but it never went anywhere, probably because we were good friends and neither of us wanted to screw that up with a 2 month hook up, which was the modus operandi for both of us back then.  So here I am, …er…several years later, thinking I should google the guy, you know, just for kicks.  Because, you know, what would it hurt?

In case you’re curious, I did google High School Homecoming King.  I have not e-mailed him for many reasons, one of them being that during the act of googling, I realized that it was not the best idea I had ever had.

So I managed to save me from myself.  This time, anyway.  My life has become fraught with terrible choices, just lurking in the background, waiting for me to feel a little down.  That’s what nostalgia can do.  It isn’t just Laverne and Shirley lunchboxes.

I mean really.  Googling some guy I haven’t seen in 10 years.