This week has, simultaneously, been both glacially paced and over before I know it.  I have problems with “holding patterns,” those times where you have little to do but sit and wait for the main event.  Personally, I find it useless to wait for life to begin, but right now there is little to do (other than work) until classes start on Tuesday.  Until then, I’m just marking time.

With the demise of “Lappy,” I have been unable to engage in my favorite forward-looking activity:  going to the websites of my possible grad schools.  I check out the course catalogues, recheck the list of application materials, and try to formulate the recommendation pitches I plan to make to unsuspecting faculty members.  I bought a new calendar for the academic year, and I’ve already put in the deadline dates.

As for the dorky title, it is from an even dorkier song that I learned in the 5th grade.  Yes, it is demented that I remember even part of the song, but what can you do?  Why I remember bits of this useless song, but had to relearn high school algebra for the GRE is a mystery.  As I remember, the song was very earnest, but looking at the title, it positively reeks with sarcasm.  Or maybe I reek of sarcasm as my natural state.  That’s pretty believable.