Today, in case you are neither a football fan nor a college student, is the first Football Saturday of the season.  To me, it seems a little weird to have a game before we even start classes, but no one has ever consulted me about these things.  I finished work and headed off to the bus stop on University Avenue.  Traffic was moving slowly (the bus was nearly 10 minutes late), and the sidewalks were packed with the faithful (and/or drunk), decked out in the school colors (or shirtless and painted with the school colors – it isn’t crazy when it’s 80 degrees out, but wait a few months and those characters will be hard-core).  There is something both ESPN and Norman Rockwell about college football – terms like “sophomore” and “senior” refer to years of eligibility and not credits earned, I fear; I suspect that in many cases, players have very little of the college experience.  But everyone cheering for the team, whether they’re new freshman in their first week of college or the alumni who graduated decades ago; there is something so retro, so Fitzgerald about the whole thing…It makes me feel very nostalgic, which is weird, since I am both a) still in school, b) someone who never goes to the games and c) the possessor of a non-traditional college experience.  Weird, huh?