Yes, that’s what I am – the little devils can’t get enough of me – although the population is so bad that even those that mosquitoes have ignored in the past are being harassed (ooh, I rhymed!).

I had some aggravating news today, but I’m not about to prematurely bitch about it.  I’ll wait until it becomes intolerable, and then I’ll bitch about it.

Once again, it was like Old Home Week in classes today.  Funny how small a university of over 40,000 students can get like that.

With the students come the crazies (or, if you prefer, the hysterically passionate on one topic or another).  The fanatics of the left, the right, the religious, the secular; they all sense the intellectual plasticity of new college students and flog their philosophies, hoping to stir a lifelong allegiance to Communism or super hard-core Christianity.  They’ve all set up shop in front of the University Bookstore, looking for wide-eyed blank slates on which to write their ideologies.  My question:  do college-aged wide-eyed blank slates exist?  I’m not saying that the human race has lost its gullibility (clearly, it hasn’t), but I think that “these kids,” if I may get ancient on you, have seen so much marketing and advertisement that extreme ideas written in magic marker on poster board don’t pack much punch.  Maybe I’m the cynical one.

I check my blog stats from time to time (oh, who am I kidding?  I check them daily.).  I fear that the traffic is artificially boosted because a few months ago, I had an injury and had been prescribed a popular painkiller that I will not name as that would only be adding fuel to the fire.  I find it surprising that the mention of said painkiller still brings people here.  They must be bitterly disappointed.  That said, maybe I should have a contest; the people who actually stick around to read something should suggest topics and or keywords that will bring folks here in droves.  Sure, it won’t mean that anyone new will read the blog, but it could be an interesting experiment.  Thoughts?

That’s all for tonight.  I have to finish a reading though.  Ah, sweet sweet homework.