Imagine the scene:  I have treated the Ex to dinner to thank him for a huge favor he rendered me earlier this summer.  He then, in turn, bought me a drink at a quasi-romantic spot (though also the spot where we broke up, but that’s a whole ‘nother ball of wax).  I’m showing him some of my photos from France, and he is interested, but he also checks the time occasionally, as he wants to stop by the house of some friends that live in my neighborhood.  I keep offering to stop the photo display, but he always refuses.  He checks the time again.

“Trying to make some time for your other girlfriend?”  I say, jokingly.


I swear, I wasn’t fishing for information.  I wasn’t trying to suss out whether he’s seeing someone else.  However, the Freudian slip of “other” girlfriend is not something I can ignore.  In the deep recesses of my brain, clearly I still consider myself his girlfriend.  This cannot be healthy.

He did me the service of ignoring my slip, for which I am grateful.

Now, of course I wonder if he would have mentioned if he was seeing someone.  He’s personally ethical, so I’m inclined to say that he would; however, I can’t help but suspect that he might remain silent on the matter, to avoid hurting my feelings.  It is 99% not my business, but I am, evidence to the contrary, emotionally healthy enough to handle the news (and it might even help me move past the whole damn thing, knowing that he has moved on).

Or (and I hope to the heavens that this is true), he didn’t even notice the all-too-revealing slip of the tongue.  After all, I say a lot of stuff to be funny, and a lot of it has no deeper meaning.