Yesterday, I finally made it to the darkroom and developed my 8 rolls of black-and-white film from France.  Which took awhile if you can imagine.  However, I did not even make contact sheets, as a) I took 3 hours to develop the film, and I was paying an hourly rate for the use of the darkroom, b) I was starving and needed dinner and c) the enlargers looked shitty.  I’m going to see if I can sweet talk my way into a nicer darkroom temporarily, and I hear there is a professional timeshare number downtown; if it isn’t too expensive, that would be badass! 

A little disappointing:  while 6 of the 8 rolls look really good, 1 roll has a weird mottled appearance and half the frame on the other looks clouded.  Since I developed them in batches of 2 and the other roll in each batch is perfectly developed, I suspect that I had some issues along the way.  I can print them, but I may have to scan/Photoshop anything I want to keep.  Ah well, it’s doable, and I like futzing around in both the darkroom and, from time to time, Photoshop.